public disgrace


The PA runs from batteries charged by solar power. We are just starting so please decide to help out. You can help by contributing solar equipment (ie inverters, batteries etc), promoting events, finding excellent locations for parties, cleaning up, collecting the donations etc list goes on. If you want to be more involved please leave contact details below.

As you can see the website is just a wordpress blog at the moment. It is under development and will probably always (and rightfully) be like that!

It is our hope that underground solar powered events etc will eventually become overground, more and more people will use renewable energy and eventually all of society will switch.

The public disgrace system is free to all radical and appropriate causes. Otherwise if you want to borrow the sound system we can negotiate a fee.

Comments and opinions on this and other pages are most welcome!


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Hey everybody,

Loved the Piknik yesterday, would love to submit a demo for a set sometime if that’s cool?

Also, can’t find your Facebook page, would love to spread the word to my compadres.

Regards and looking forward to the next one,

Comment by Gareth/Tøn

hey there isn’t much of a Facebook site but this is it —>

Comment by publicdisgrace23

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